Why Are Capsicums So Expensive In Australia? The weather in Queensland and South Australia is being blamed for a lower than usual capsicum and cauliflower harvest has led to a price increase. Scott Cohen from Rod’s Fruit and Veg stall at South Melbourne Market is blaming the heat for the shortage.

Why are peppers so expensive in Australia? A Woolworths spokesperson, meanwhile, says: “Due to pressures throughout the horticultural supply chain caused by drought, unseasonal weather and an unprecedented spike in demand, we’re currently seeing an impact on the availability of some fresh fruit and vegetable lines.

Why is vegetable so expensive in Australia? Overseas labour shortage causes fruit, vegie production to fall, prices to rise. Popular fruit and vegetables are likely to become more expensive, as COVID-19 keeps farm labourers out of the country and production slows.

Why are vegetables so expensive in Australia 2022? The pandemic has been catastrophic for the global supply chain and experts predict we will be feeling the pain for years. Australians are being warned to brace for a surge in grocery prices moving into 2022 as a series of post-pandemic setbacks and shortages are threatening essential supply chains.

Why is everything in Australia so expensive?

there’s many different things acting at the same time.” But Mr Ballantyne said everything seems more expensive because it’s traditional household goods and services, that Australians are buying often, that have taken the hike. “We are seeing price increases in things that households often buy frequently …