Who Wins Masterchef Australia Season 10? This series was won by Emelia Jackson in the grand finale against Laura Sharrad, broadcast on 20 July 2020.

Who won Australia’s MasterChef 2020? This series was won by Emelia Jackson in the grand finale against Laura Sharrad, broadcast on 20 July 2020.

Who won Australian MasterChef Season 11? Season 11: Larissa Takchi It was a case of moving from front-of-house to the kitchens when Larissa Takchi traded her career as a restaurant manager to show off her cooking skills. Just as well, as she became the youngest-ever winner of MasterChef Australia in 2019.

What is Sashi doing now? Cheliah started a pop-up restaurant named Gaja by Sashi in the Melbourne CBD, serving Singaporean dishes. In November 2019, Sashi opened his restaurant Gaja in his home town of Adelaide. In 2020, Sashi’s son, Ryan participated in Junior MasterChef Australia (series 3) but was eliminated on 13 October.

Who won Australia MasterChef 2021?

Justin Narayan (born c. 1994) is an Australian youth pastor and television chef of Fijian-Indian heritage. He was declared as the winner of MasterChef Australia 2021.

Who won Australian MasterChef 2021?

St Kilda legend Nick Riewoldt wins 2021 Celebrity MasterChef competition. Riewoldt took on Tilly Ramsay, TV presenter and daughter to chef Gordon, and fashion designer Collette Dinnigan in a head-to-head grand finale on Monday night.

What is Tim Bone doing now?

Tim, 33, works as an integration aide at a primary school in Ballarat, Victoria, and also runs after-school programs for underprivileged children. “We really want to have our own little baby, because I love kids and love working with them,” he explains.

What is Ben Borsht from MasterChef doing now?

Ben lives in Brisbane but is far more comfortable heading out on the water to fish, and cook for his friends and family.

Why did Brent leave MasterChef Australia?

According to Brent, he was dropping out to sort out his health issues as it affected his cooking, sleep and everything directly related to the competition. In his statement, he didn’t want to quit, but it was his only last option. “I think I’ve come to the point where that’s all that’s going to help me.

Will MasterChef Australia continue in 2021?

Yep, MasterChef is back! And it’s been supercharged with an extra post-Covid sentimentality. “2021 is the start of a new year and a new era,” says judge Melissa Leong, addressing the contestants in last night’s season premiere.

Who won MasterChef Australia 2022?

The dish that will seal their fate is set by culinary legend, Martin Benn. Winner Announced – Nick was crowned the winner after he scored 38 out 40 points, defeating Tilly on 34 points and Collette on 30 points.

Who wins MasterChef Season 14?

Winner Kenny Tutt edged out David Crichton and Nawamin Pinpathomrat in the final.

Is Amelia Jackson married?

She won the MasterChef: Back To Win crown in 2020 and one year on, the good news keeps on coming! Emelia Jackson and her partner Craig Gersbach have welcomed their first child.

Who won MasterChef Season 15?

Retired banker Irini Tzortzoglou has won this year’s MasterChef – and quickly said she has no plans to start a new career running a restaurant. The 61-year-old triumphed in the BBC One show’s first all-female final.

What is Irini Tzortzoglou doing now?

What is Irini doing now? Irini’s first book, Under the Olive Tree: Recipes from my Greek Kitchen, was released in 2020. The Greek chef is very active on Instagram, where she posts gorgeous snaps of her culinary adventures. You can follow her at @irinitzortzoglou.

Who wins MasterChef Australia Season 16?

Brent Owens was the winner, with Laura Cassai taking second place.

Who wins MasterChef Season 2?

Season 2 of the American competitive reality TV series MasterChef had a two-night premiere on Fox on June 6 and 7, 2011. Jennifer Behm, a former Miss USA contestant, was the winner of this season of MasterChef.

Why did Ben leave MasterChef Season 12?

He was dumped from Masterchef’s 2020 season after police charged him with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in Melbourne in February. Mr Ungermann’s denies the charges.

Who did Ben from MasterChef marry?

Ben Ungermann was spotted leaving a Cape Town hotel with his off-again, on-again fiancée Leigh-Anne Williams on Tuesday. The 37-year-old former MasterChef star appeared tense as he exited the hotel with the South African radio personality. Leigh-Anne, 39, trailed behind Ben as they made their way outside to their car.

What is Ben after MasterChef?

The chef is now on a court diversion program which allows low-level offenders to avoid a criminal record. The court had earlier heard Mr Ungermann had dinner with the 16-year-old girl and plied her with alcohol. The hearing was told the pair went to a hotel where he now admits to common law assault.