where is amethyst found in australia

Where Is Amethyst Found In Australia? Amethyst is found around Broken Hill, New South Wales. Fine quartz specimens have been found at Nundle, as well as attractive chalcedony, cornelian, agate and jasper. Are there any amethyst mines in Australia? The Great Australian Amethyst Mine (“Austwen mine”; Wyloo amethyst mine), Wyloo Station, Ashburton Shire, Western Australia,…

How to find gemstones in australia

How To Find Gemstones In Australia? Introduction. Australia, with its long geological history, has some of the world’s oldest rocks and minerals and a wide variety of gemstones. Australia is the world’s biggest producer of diamonds and opals and major supplier of sapphire, ruby, emerald, garnet, topaz and jade has also been mined in Australia….