Where Is Goonellabah In Australia? Goonellabah is the eastern suburb of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, and is on the Bruxner Highway. At the 2006 census, Goonellabah had a population of 12,527 people.

Is goonellabah a suburb of Lismore? Goonellabah is the eastern suburb of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia, and is on the Bruxner Highway. At the 2006 census, Goonellabah had a population of 12,527 people.

Is goonellabah a good place to live? Excellent University and regional hospital nearby. Great views from all northern facing areas, decent shopping facilities and best of all… no floods.

Is Lismore a town or city? Lismore is a city in northeastern New South Wales, Australia and the main population centre in the City of Lismore local government area; it is also a regional centre in the Northern Rivers region of the State.

What LGA is goonellabah NSW?

Goonellabah is in the local government area of ‘Lismore’. The ‘Lismore’ local government area is classified as a ‘City’. The Lismore local government area includes around 53 cities, towns, villages and localities including Lismore (pop. around 27,000), Modanville (pop.

Does it flood in Lismore NSW?

The Northern Rivers district of NSW, Australia is one of the most flood prone areas of the country outside of the tropics. With Lismore at the junction of two major streams – Leycester Creek and Wilsons River – it is often subject to significant flooding.

How far is Lismore from the beach?

How far is it from Main Beach to Lismore? The distance between Main Beach and Lismore is 93 km.

How far is Lismore from the ocean?

Yes, the driving distance between Lismore to Ocean Shores is 53 km. It takes approximately 46 min to drive from Lismore to Ocean Shores.

Who owns Lismore island?

During the same period Scottish island populations as a whole grew by 4% to 103,702. The majority of the resident working population are engaged in farming or fishing, and sheep raised on the island have a reputation for quality. Most of the land is owned by the Duke of Argyll, with the farmers being tenants.

What towns are in Lismore Shire?

Lismore City includes the localities of Bentley (part), Bexhill, Blakebrook, Blue Knob, Boat Harbour, Booerie Creek, Booyong (part), Broadwater (part), Buckendoon, Bungabbee, Caniaba, Chilcotts Grass, Clunes (part), Coffee Camp, Coraki (part), Corndale, Dorroughby, Dungarubba, Dunoon, East Coraki (part), East Lismore, …

What is the population of Lismore?

Lismore is a New South Wales city located on 734 km north-east of Sydney. With a population over 27,000, the city is 18th most populous place in NSW. It also ranks 46th largest urban centre by population in Australia.

How many houses are there in Lismore?

The Census usual resident population of Lismore City in 2016 was 43,135, living in 19,097 dwellings with an average household size of 2.38.

Is Lismore a nice place to live in?

A strong centre for all things “organic” coupled with a diverse community residing together, make Lismore a very special and culturally great place to live.

Is Lismore close to Sydney?

Lismore is an eight-hour drive north of Sydney and 2hr 20min south of Brisbane. Rex flies from Sydney to Lismore (via Grafton) up to three times a week and you can hire a car to explore the area. More flights are also available to Ballina Byron Gateway Airport, 40min away.

What is Lismore famous for?

The city itself is known for its colourful, friendly locals and diverse population. Lismore is known as the “Rainbow Region” – a name which reflects the cultural diversity of the area, as well as its strong sense of community and love of nature.

Is there an airport in Lismore?

Lismore Regional Airport and Regional Express Airlines (Rex) will treat you to the best in country hospitality and facilities on your next trip to or from the Far North Coast. The Lismore Regional Airport is serviced daily by Rex with five flights to and from Sydney Airport.

How do you get to Lismore Scotland?

How to get here. You can get to Lismore on the ferry from Oban, which takes 60 minutes. Vehicle reservations are recommended, you can book your vehicle by calling 0800 066 5000 or 01475 650397 (International customers and customers calling from a mobile).

Where is Lismore in Queensland?

Lismore is located just off the Auburn Road in southeast Queensland a distance of about 270km west-northwest from Brisbane (show me). Lismore is at an altitude of about 339m above sea level. The nearest sea is the Coral Sea which is part of the South Pacific Ocean about 220km east-northeast of Lismore.

Does Lismore have a beach?

Lismore-Ballina has the most services. Otherwise a car is almost essential. The nicest beaches are at 1) Evans Head (40 minutes), a real summer holiday town, and less than 3000 people for 11 months of the year.

Is Lismore hilly?

Lismore rises to no great height but has an undulating, intimate and rocky landscape; being composed of well-drained limestone and with a relatively sheltered location it is a verdant oasis. The views across the water to the mountains of Argyll, Ardnamurchan and Mull are nothing short of stunning.

Who owns Shuna island?

“I’ll meet you at 5pm on the Arduaine Point jetty,” the island’s owner, Eddie Gully, had said in the handwritten letter he’d sent me a few weeks earlier. A study of a map revealed our mainland rendezvous to be a mere 100 miles north-west of Glasgow.