Where Is Clare Valley South Australia? The Clare Valley is a valley located in South Australia about 100 kilometres (62 miles) north of Adelaide in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys council area. It is the river valley formed by the Hutt River but is also strongly associated with the roughly parallel Hill River.

What towns are in the Clare Valley SA? The District is blessed with many smaller towns and villages including Sevenhill, Penwortham, Watervale, Leasingham, Mintaro, Rhynie, Saddleworth, Tarlee, Marrabel, Manoora, Waterloo and Stockport. Not to mention all the people that live within our rural landscapes.

Is Clare Valley worth visiting? Only an hour and a half by car from Adelaide, Clare Valley is a truly special South Australia Weekend Escape destination. Explore the quaint villages and crisp white wines of one of South Australia best wine regions, as you roll through the valley on your bike.

Is Clare SA a good place to live? What’s the best thing about living in Clare Valley? Andrew: It’s a great Australian country town with so many things to see and do while you’re here. The food and wine are fantastic, but there are lots of activities and events to keep everyone entertained throughout the year.

Is Clare Valley cool climate?

Clare’s climate is Mediterranean with typically warm to hot summers and cool to cold winters. While summer in the Clare Valley is technically warm, maritime breezes have a moderating effect, and there are often drastic temperature drops from day to night.

Is Clare Valley in Adelaide Hills?

The Clare Valley is a valley located in South Australia about 100 kilometres (62 miles) north of Adelaide in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys council area. It is the river valley formed by the Hutt River but is also strongly associated with the roughly parallel Hill River.

How many wineries are in Clare Valley?

This is a list of wineries in the Clare Valley, a major wine-producing region located within the Clare Valley in South Australia. There are an estimated 50 wineries in the region.

Is Clare Valley Riesling sweet?

Try refreshing the page. Jeffrey Grosset makes award winning dry wine from the Riesling variety in Australia’s Clare Valley. His wife, Stephanie Toole, makes Riesling as well – but hers is sweet.

Where is Barossa?

The Barossa is an easy hour’s drive north east of the Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. This picturesque regional area encompasses the Barossa Valley floor, which is covered in large expanses of vineyards, farmland and historic villages and towns and is flanked by rolling hills.

What is a claret red wine?

Claret is a British term used, unofficially, in reference to red Bordeaux wine. The red wines of Bordeaux are blends, mostly based on Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The term “claret” is sometimes used—unofficially, of course—to refer to Bordeaux-style red wines produced elsewhere, such as the United States.

What type of wine is Riesling?

Riesling is another white wine made from grapes in the Rhine region of Germany. The key difference between the grapes used to make Chardonnay and the Rhine grapes are that the latter often exude aromatic flavors and give the wine flowery or fruit flavors and high acidity.

Are there taxis in Clare?

Local 131 008 taxi service – 18 hour/7 days a week including Christmas Day taxi service operating from our base in Clare and services the Greater Clare Valley area including Clare Airport, Burra, Spalding, Yacks, Brinkworth, Snowtown and Balaklava Districts.

How do you get to Barossa from Adelaide?

Once you arrive in Adelaide there are plenty of options to complete your journey to the Barossa. Car hire, Barossa tour operators and public transport are all available. For private charters, there is a light-plane airport at Parafield, just 45 minutes south of Barossa in metropolitan Adelaide.

What wine is the Clare Valley known for?

Celebrated for its Rieslings, the Clare Valley also produces world-class reds, including Shiraz and Cabernet. Other varietals include Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Semillon, Grenache, Mourvedre, Tempranillo and Malbec. Estate-grown fruit accounts for about half of the Clare Valley’s total production.

How many cellar doors does the Clare Valley have?

The Clare Valley boasts more than 30 cellar doors, some operating out of stone cottages, heritage buildings, state-of-the art structures and farm sheds.

Where is the town of Clare?

Clare is an historic market town in West Suffolk, bordered by the Stour, halfway between Haverhill and Sudbury. It is home to a country park complete with a ruined castle, moats and walks, not to mention a former railway station.

What is the population of Port Lincoln?

The 2020 Estimated Resident Population for City of Port Lincoln is 14,750, with a population density of 485.6 persons per square km.

Is Clare Valley Riesling dry?

This exceptionally dry Riesling is produced in one of Australia’s oldest wine regions, where the climate extracts the complex flavours of the grape. Green apple, lime and grapefruit flavours give way to subtle tangerine notes and a refreshing minerality, leading to a lingering, mouth-watering finish.

Why is Clare Valley good for Riesling?

Clare Valley is pretty perfect for Riesling, with a great climate, clear, pure, unpolluted skies and night time temperatures that drop dramatically encouraging Rieslings with great flavour and natural acidity.

What is the difference between sauvignon blanc and Riesling?

Moving on to the Riesling, note that it is not as intense as Sauvignon Blanc on the nose. That is the character difference. Sauvignon Blanc is highly aromatic while riesling is more neutral (just like Gin and Vodka on the aroma). See if you can pick up notes of apples, peaches, limes, honeysuckle and or minerals.

Where is the whispering wall?

Located only 50 kilometres outside of the city of Adelaide, the Whispering Wall is a must visit attraction. See it on the way to the Barossa Valley via the picturesque Adelaide Hills.