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where does australia import pork from(July 2022)

    Where Does Australia Import Pork From? In 2019, Australia’s top five pork import sources were the USA, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, and Ireland. Because Australia’s biosecurity laws restrict the importation and sale of fresh pork from overseas, all fresh pork consumed in Australia must be domestically-sourced.

    Do we import pork from China? Those commitments are down about 43% from the same date in 2020 but up 29% from 2019, and they represent 25% of all 2021 U.S. sales. Last year at this time, China accounted for 39% of all U.S. pork sales and Mexico was second at 25%, though Mexico leads in 2021 at 34% as its purchases are up about 19% on the year.

    Does Australia import pig meat? Around 45% of pork consumed in Australia is imported, most commonly from the USA, Canada and some countries in Europe, making up around 75% of the ‘small goods’ pork industry in Australia [1]. This means if you are eating ham, bacon or salami, it is most likely made from imported pork.

    Where does Australia import bacon from? Where does imported ham and bacon come from? Of the imported pork that comes into Australia, almost half is from the US. The rest being from Europe, predominantly the Netherlands and Denmark. A small amount is also imported from Canada.