What Nationality Is Dr Pol? Jan-Harm Pol (born September 4, 1942) is a Dutch-American veterinarian known for his starring role on the reality television show The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild.

Is Doctor Pol Russian? Jan-Harm Pol (born September 4, 1942) is a Dutch-American veterinarian known for his starring role on the reality television show The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild.

What is Dr Pol’s religion?

Dr. Pol is a Christian. One episode shows that he and his family are active in their church.

Why was Dr. Pol Cancelled?

The appeals court’s Dec. 19 decision affirmed an order by state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) officials who placed Dr. Jan Pol on probation for negligence and failure to exercise due care relating to surgery he performed on a dog and his treatment of a wounded horse.

Is Charles Pol still married?

Charles and Beth, who married in 2018, welcomed daughter, Abigail, a year later. Dr. Pol at that time tweeted a welcoming message to his new granddaughter, “Welcome to the world, Abigail Pol! Congratulations Charles & Beth!”

Is Dr. Pol still practicing?

Currently, his show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ follows Dr. Pol traveling to different farms in central Michigan to care for a variety of pets and animals.

Is Dr Brenda still with Dr. Pol?

Brenda Is Leaving the Show. Now on Nat Geo Wild for nearly 20 seasons, The Incredible Dr. Pol is returning with an all-new batch of episodes.

What does Charles Pol do for a living?

Charles Pol is a producer and actor, known for The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013), The …

How did Adam Butch passed away?

Adam had his whole life ahead of him but it was cut short tragically at the age of 23. Family members have not yet revealed the cause of his death but many have made inferences with the help of some existing information. People are assuming that his death may have rooted in hereditary cancer.

Is Charles Dr Pol’s biological son?

Pol and his wife have been married 49 years. They have three children: Kathy, 44, and Charles, 39, were adopted from birth. Their other daughter, Diane, was their foster child for ten years and then was adopted by the family at age 18.

Where does Dr. Pol live now?

Dr. Pol lives in Weidman, Michigan, and in 1981 he founded Pol Veterinary Services with his wife, Diane.

How much does it cost for Dr. Pol to pull a calf?

You cannot take X-rays, put a cast on and charge the farmer $400 when the cost of the calf is $25 to $100. I used my bushel basket, straightened out the leg, taped around it and I don’t have to see it again because the farmer, with his jackknife, can cut the cast off.

Why did Dr Erin leave Dr. Pol?

She went into more detail about her difficult decision to leave on her blog. “Eventually, the stress of working there with three small children, being on-call all the time, new vets coming and leaving just as fast, leaving the on-call duties spread between mostly two to three of us. . . with no extra compensation.”

Did Dr. Pol have his ankle surgery?

“I think he was 69 at the time when we started. And he started slowing down a couple of years ago with his ankle and decided to get that ankle surgery and ever since then, it’s been a revitalized Dr. Pol.

Is Dr Nicole Arcy still with Dr. Pol?

Nicole has not left Dr. Pol yet. She is not part of the cast who have left the show. Dr Nicole is active on social media on behalf of the clinic and the show, reminding fans when a new episode is starting or about a marathon that’s taking place.

How much does the cast of Dr. Pol make per episode?

For each episode, according to Gazette Review in 2018, Dr. Pol reportedly earns $30,000. That number may be higher in the two years since the outlet’s report.

Where did Dr Nicole go?

Nicole joined Dr. Pol’s clinic. In 2018, Dr. Nicole went to work at Pol Veterinary Services.

What is Charles pols net worth?

Charles Pol has a net worth estimated to be $2 million. He earns a salary of $20,000 from his show.

Did Dr. Pol get his license back?

The pet went home with his owners the day after his operation and made a full recovery, the court said. Despite the successful procedure, a state licensing subcommittee called the Board of Veterinary Medicine punished Pol with a $500 fine and probation.

What does Dr. Pol charge?

(Cost: $50–100 for 1/2 hour of general anesthesia)