What Is The Wonderlic Test? The average score for the Wonderlic test is 20 out of a possible 50, according to Wonderlic Inc. The test is timed and composed of 50 questions, with one point awarded for each correct answer. A person who scores a 10 or above is considered literate, while anything lower might suggest illiteracy.

What is a good score on the Wonderlic test? The average score for the Wonderlic test is 20 out of a possible 50, according to Wonderlic Inc. The test is timed and composed of 50 questions, with one point awarded for each correct answer. A person who scores a 10 or above is considered literate, while anything lower might suggest illiteracy.

What did Tom Brady get on the Wonderlic test? Tom Brady. Widely considered one of the NFL’s smartest quarterbacks, Tom Brady unsurprisingly impressed on the Wonderlic. His 33 is well above the average QB score (24) and shows just how smart he is. Clearly, Brady’s score shows up on the field.

What’s the purpose of the Wonderlic test? Wonderlic, Inc. The Wonderlic Contemporary Cognitive Ability Test (formerly Wonderlic Personnel Test) is an assessment used to measure the cognitive ability and problem-solving aptitude of prospective employees for a range of occupations. It is a proprietary assessment created and distributed by Wonderlic.

What type of questions are on the Wonderlic test?

Unlike many standardized tests of intelligence, the Wonderlic test only takes a few minutes to complete and has far fewer questions than most IQ tests. Questions can be about math, geometric figures, analogies, following directions, jumbled sentences, common sense, reasoning ability, vocabulary, and more.

What did Peyton Manning get on the Wonderlic test?

In fairness to Peyton Manning, his score of 28 is actually slightly above average. Quarterbacks average a score of 24 on the Wonderlic while all NFL players average about a 20. Also, many famous NFL quarterbacks had terrible Wonderlic scores but went on to have great NFL careers.

What did Cam Newton score on the Wonderlic test?

Cam Newton’s Wonderlic score was 21, right around the average of all NFL players and five below the quarterback average of 26. Aside from Locker’s score of 20, all other players scored well above average. Gabbert scored an impressive 42, followed by Kaepernick’s 37 and Ponder’s 35.

What did Andrew Luck score on the Wonderlic test?

At the end of his years at Stanford, Luck was presented with the Al Masters Award, an honor given to an athlete each year, “for the highest standards of athletic performance, leadership and academic achievement.” Luck further proved his intelligence by scoring a 37 on the 50-question Wonderlic Test, administered by the …

What was Kyler Murray Wonderlic score?

The NFL draft wouldn’t be complete without leaked Wonderlic scores. Kyler Murray got a 20. The number is considered perfectly average by official test standards and a red-flag for potential NFL quarterbacks.

What did Justin Fields score on the Wonderlic test?

“Justin Fields, the guy who supposedly can’t go through his reads, doesn’t have great work ethic, all this bogus stuff — he scored the highest. Ever. He scored the highest that they can rank him. He scored a 130 on it.

Is the online Wonderlic test proctored?

The test is proctored, which means that someone will be watching you take it. You can, however, use scrap paper and a pen or pencil. If you are stressed, just remember: The Wonderlic test is beatable.

How is the Wonderlic test administered?

The test can be administered either as the traditional Scholastic Level Exam (50 questions in 12 minutes) or as the Quicktest version (30 questions in 8 minutes). The quicktest is not proctored and can be taken from any location, while the traditional version is proctored.

Who has the lowest Wonderlic score?

When it comes to the lowest Wonderlic test score of all time Morris Claiborne wins the title. Claiborne was an All-American from LSU and was drafted 6th overall in 2012 by the Dallas Cowboys.

What did Ryan Fitzpatrick score on the Wonderlic test?

(Wonderlic Test Score: 48) Ryan Fitzpatrick also scored a 48 in the Wonderlic test, making him one of only two current NFL players to make this top ten all-time list. He has played 165 games, registering 34977 yards, 223 touchdowns and 169 interceptions en route a 59-86-1 record.

What is the 8 minute Wonderlic test?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest (WPT-Q) is an 8-minute, 30-question exam given to professionals during the interview process. The WPT-Q tests an applicant’s logic, math, and verbal reasoning skills.

What Wonderlic test do NFL players take?

The Wonderlic Test NFL The NFL (National Football League) utilizes the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test (WCA) as part of the drafting process during the NFL Scouting Combine.

What was Aaron Rodgers SAT score?

It has been 10 years since Aaron signed his letter of intent to Butte Community College because he was not heavily recruited out of high school — even with his 3.6 GPA and 1300 SAT score.

What did Patrick Mahomes get on the Wonderlic test?

Patrick Mahomes scored a 24 on the Wonderlic which is about middle-of-the-pack when looking at the score of quarterbacks. Because most teams generally consider Wonderlic scores if they are below average, and given Mahomes’ proven on the field talent, his Wonderlic test score was not significantly affected on draft day.

What did Frank Gore get on the Wonderlic?

Frank Gore is one of the best examples of an NFL success story when it comes to scoring poorly on the Wonderlic Test. The All-Pro running back scored a six on the 50-question test, but he was still drafted in the third round of the 2005 draft by the San Francisco 49ers.

What was Rob Gronkowski’s Wonderlic score?

Given Gronkowski’s score of 32, this places him in the 87th percentile among NFL players.

What did Zach Wilson get on the Wonderlic test?

About Zach Wilson He had a passing completion percentage of 67%. There is a lot of speculation as to what pick Wilson may be, but the general consensus among NFL draft experts is that he will be a top 10 pick.

What did Trevor Lawrence get on the Wonderlic test?

What’s more, Fields’ 69% completion rate on such attempts was way better than Lawrence’s 43.4%. Hard to argue with the data at this point.

What was Russell Wilson Wonderlic score?

Russell Wilson’s Wonderlic score of 28 was better than all but two of the quarterbacks picked before him, trailing only Luck’s 37 and Ryan Tannehill’s 34.

What was Baker Mayfield’s Wonderlic score?

On the Wonderlic, Mayfield scored a 25, making him well above-average when compared to the average player score of 20. His overall athleticism and on-field performance is only enhanced by an above average intelligence and ability to perform impressively during moment of extreme stress.