What Is The Meaning Of Enthusiasm? 1a : strong excitement of feeling : ardor did her work with energy and enthusiasm. b : something inspiring zeal or fervor his enthusiasms include sailing and fishing. 2a : belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit.

What is the full meaning of enthusiasm? 1a : strong excitement of feeling : ardor did her work with energy and enthusiasm. b : something inspiring zeal or fervor his enthusiasms include sailing and fishing. 2a : belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit.

What is enthusiasm with example? Enthusiasm is defined as a lively interest for someone or something. An example of enthusiasm is a child’s great happiness at starting his first ceramics class. noun. 1. Intensity of feeling; excited interest or eagerness.

What is the best meaning of enthusiastic? Enthusiastic definition The definition of enthusiastic is having great excitement or interest in something. An example of someone enthusiastic is a child eagerly awaiting her first trip to Disney World. adjective.

What is the synonym of enthusiastic?

anxious, ardent, avid, concerned, eager, earnest, exuberant, fanatical, fervent, forceful, keen, passionate, pleased, rabid, rhapsodic, vigorous, warm, willing, zealous, agog.

Is enthusiasm a feeling?

Enthusiasm is one of the most divine feelings we can experience. Enthusiasm is energy vibrating at the highest level, energy vibrating in tune with creation. When we are feeling enthusiasm, we are on the cruise ship of divinity.

Does enthusiastic mean happy?

Exhilarated means very excited and happy, in a way that feels physical. I’ve never seen fans so exhilarated by a win. After she won the award, she was exhilarated. If you are overexcited, you are so excited that you are no longer behaving in a sensible way.

What is enthusiasm sentence?

“She has great enthusiasm for her job.” (great, considerable, obvious) “His sudden enthusiasm for math was strange.” (sudden, new, new-found) “There was a lot of general enthusiasm for the new design plan.”

How do you use enthusiastic?

Use “enthusiastic” in a sentence He pretends to be enthusiastic when his boss is around. He is very enthusiastic about his new job. She is an energetic and enthusiastic person. She looked enthusiastic and capable.

What is the meaning of enthusiastic girl?

n. 1 a person filled with or motivated by enthusiasm; fanatic.

What does enthusiastic look like?

Enthusiastic professionals outwardly express energy in everything they do. They attack all activities with a sense of positive urgency. They look forward to new challenges with zest and every obstacle becomes an opportunity to recharge and refocus.

Is enthusiasm and passion the same?

Passion means sufferance. In other words, you can’t be passionate about something if you haven’t suffered. Enthusiasm on the other hand means “intense enjoyment” and “interest”; you have the knowledge and you share it with others enthusiastically.

What is the same as eagerly?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for eagerly. avidly, excitedly, impatiently, keenly.

Why is being enthusiastic important?

It’s a spirit that inspires us to move forward positively in a direction of our own choosing. Consider the benefits of being enthusiastic: more productive, more confident, others will view you in a more positive light, and lastly, you’ll experience more peace of mind at the end of each day.

Where does enthusiastic come from?

The word enthusiasm indicates intense excitement. The noun enthusiasm comes from the Greek word enthousiasmos, from enthous, meaning “possessed by a god, inspired.” It was originally used in a derogatory sense to describe excessive religious zeal.

Is enthusiasm a skill?

Enthusiasm is a Disciplined Skill Having enthusiasm in your life is like learning to walk, it is a discipline of intention and effort. The more you work at it, the more steady you become.

What do you call someone who loves everything?

Omniphile: omni = every; -phile = love.

Is enthusiasm an attitude?

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines enthusiasm as “a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and eagerness to be involved in it,” and attitude as “a feeling or opinion about something.” According to the United States Department of Labor, “Enthusiasm can mean the difference in not just …

Who are enthusiastic people?

Enthusiastic people feel passionate about life, about knowledge, and about work. They do everything with a good attitude and good energy. They get satisfaction from what they do because they enjoy doing it. Enthusiastic people are responsible, but they also find time to have fun at work and in everything they do.

Does everything have enthusiasm?

To show enthusiasm means that you openly do what others may be reluctant to do. You take on any task with a positive attitude. For example, if you are faced with a problem, you do not start talking about the problem as if it is something that stops you dead in your tracks.