What Is Queen Sugar About? Series Info “Queen Sugar” tells the story of the estranged Bordelon siblings in Louisiana. At the center of the family are Nova, a journalist and activist; Charley, the wife and manager of an NBA player; and formerly incarcerated father Ralph Angel, who is searching for redemption.

What is the storyline of Queen Sugar? Queen Sugar centers on the lives of three siblings in rural Louisiana (Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, and Kofi Siriboe) who must deal with the aftermath of their father’s sudden death and decide the fate of his 800-acre sugarcane farm.

Is Queen Sugar based on a true story? Well, it may not be based on a true story, but it does have source material that existed before the show. The show is based on the novel of the same name by author Natalie Baszile. Queen Sugar marked Baszile’s debut novel.

What town is Queen Sugar based on? Although Queen Sugar’s St. Josephine Parish is fictional, the atmosphere is as real and genuinely Louisiana as it gets. That’s because the crew went to great lengths to film on location in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

Was Queen Sugar Cancelled?

‘Queen Sugar’ has been canceled by OWN 16, that Queen Sugar would end after its upcoming seventh season. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the show would begin filming its final season at the top of 2022 in New Orleans and would air on OWN later that year.

Is Queen Sugar worth watching?

Critics Consensus: With an authenticity of culture and place and strong performances throughout, Queen Sugar rises above melodrama in this alluring, unhurried and powerful portrait of a fractious black American family.

How did Queen Sugar end?

We almost lost Prosper, the police kept harassing and abusing Nova, Aunt Vi had a health scare. There was even a woman trying to steal Hollywood away from Vi. But through it all, the Bordelons kept loving on each other and fighting the good fight, and it all paid off in the end.

Is Blue Ralph the son of Angel?

Blue turns out not to be Ralph Angel’s biological son. But it doesn’t matter to him. He and Darla continue to struggle with their relationship – going from lovers, to engaged, to broken up, to back together after Darla’s brief relapse.

Who is the writer and producer of Queen Sugar?

Created by DuVernay and based on Natalie Baszile’s 2014 novel of the same name, Queen Sugar focuses on the trio of Bordelon siblings, played by Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe and Rutina Wesley, and their extended family in the fictional rural community of St. Josephine.

What time period is Queen Sugar set in?

Set in contemporary Louisiana, it tells the story of Charley Bordelon, a young African-American divorcee from Los Angeles who moves to a rural town to manage a sugarcane farm she had unexpectedly inherited there from her father.

What Plantation is Queen Sugar filmed on?

St. Joseph is also the premier spot for Film and TV production. Several hits like the Own Network’s, Queen Sugar, and the Oscar Nominated Netflix movie, Mudbound, have been filmed on the property. Nestled between our neighbors, Laura Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation, we are Located on Hwy.

What did Ralph Angel steal?

Ralph Angel was working hard to justify his actions. He stole from the Landrys because he believed they poisoned his crop, but he can’t prove it.

Why is blue not on Queen Sugar?

After playing Blue for five seasons, the 11-year-old hasn’t yet appeared on the OWN drama’s current season, because his character moved to Washington D.C. to attend a prestigious boarding school.

Is Queen Sugar coming back in 2022?

In November 2021, ahead of the season six finale, OWN announced that Queen Sugar would return for its seventh—and final—season in 2022. Since its premiere, the series has been lauded for its richly drawn characters and for confronting relevant issues, from racism to the Covid-19 pandemic (and their intersection).

Is season 6 of Queen Sugar over?

Queen Sugar is ending its run. OWN has handed out a seventh and final season renewal for the drama from Ava DuVernay and Warner Bros. Television.

Is Queen Sugar rated R?

Parents need to know that Queen Sugar addresses mature issues ranging from single parenthood and drug addiction to infidelity and rape. It contains strong moments of sexuality, including people in various stages of undress (but no nudity).

Is Queen Sugar on Netflix?

Before Season 5 premieres, Queen Sugar fans can catch up with the series on Hulu, which is currently the only streaming service to carry all four seasons of the show. Fans of OWN’s Greenleaf can catch the entire series on Netflix.

What date does Queen Sugar return in 2020?

The Bordelon family is returning for season 6 on Sept. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and OWN has your first look at how they’re reclaiming their lives out of the pandemic.

How old is Aunt Vi on Queen Sugar?

Born on May 1, 1956, in Evanston, Illinois, Tina is currently 64 years old as of 2020. She celebrates her birthday on May 1.

What is the age difference between Hollywood and Aunt Vi on Queen Sugar?

The longtime boyfriend of Violet Bordelon (aunt to Charley, Nova and Ralph Angel), Hollywood clearly loves her — and doesn’t think anything of their 20-year age difference.

Why did Ralph Angel go to jail on Queen Sugar?

Ralph Angel was in prison for committing armed robbery.

Who did Ralph Angel marry?

The wedding begins against the breathtaking backdrop of the Bordelon farm. Ralph Angel and Darla stand beneath the archway that Ralph Angel built and say their vows from the heart. They kiss and then turn to the crowd with sheer jubilance.

How did Ralph Angel and Darla meet?

The couple’s relationship was an acrimonious one when we first met them on season one of the OWN scripted series. As a recovering addict, Darla struggled to regain Ralph’s trust as he was left to raise their son Blue on his own.

Who is the oldest on Queen Sugar?

Nova Bordelon, the journalist/herbalist/activist played by Rutina Wesley (True Blood), is the oldest child of the three Bordelon siblings on OWN’s Queen Sugar.