What Is Happening At Fort Hood? DALLAS — More than a dozen Army officials have been fired or suspended as part of a sweeping investigation into the climate and culture at Fort Hood, a sprawling military base in Texas that has been rocked by a series of violent deaths, suicides and complaints of sexual harassment.

What is going on with Ft Hood? DALLAS — More than a dozen Army officials have been fired or suspended as part of a sweeping investigation into the climate and culture at Fort Hood, a sprawling military base in Texas that has been rocked by a series of violent deaths, suicides and complaints of sexual harassment.

What happened at Fort Hood 2020? In December 2020, the Army announced 14 senior leaders and enlisted personnel at Fort Hood were fired or suspended following an independent panel’s review of the command climate and culture at the base.

How many soldiers have gone missing from Fort Hood TX? Col. Octavia Davis, commander of Regimental Support Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment said in the statement. Sewell is the latest soldier to disappear from the base after a series of soldiers disappeared in the past few years. Last year, at least 39 Fort Hood soldiers vanished or died, including 13 who died by suicide.

What happened to the Fort Hood soldiers?

Last year, at least 39 Fort Hood soldiers died or went missing. Thirteen killed themselves. Five were murdered. Eleven of the deaths remain unresolved—some legally; others for the victims’ families.

Is Fort Hood being investigated?

The Army took a first step Friday in transforming its Criminal Investigation Division into a mostly civilian agency when it handed the reins to former Navy investigator Greg Ford, about eight months after a damning review looking at Spc.

Is Fort Hood a good place to be stationed?

Fort Hood is nicknamed the Great Place because of the quality of life the post and area offer Soldiers and their Families. These qualities are important, especially with home-basing initiatives, frequent deployments and Family stability and support.

What happened to the female soldier at Fort Hood?

Guillen, 20, had been stationed at Fort Hood, Texas, when she went missing in April 2020. Her body was found June 30 last year in a shallow grave. The main suspect in her disappearance was identified by officials as Spc. Aaron David Robinson, who shot himself after being confronted by investigators.

What happened to Vanessa Guillen killer?

He later died by suicide in July when confronted by police after Guillen’s remains were found. Aguilar was his girlfriend at the time, according to the criminal complaint, and was taken into custody. In July 2020, she was charged with one federal count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

Who is missing from Fort Hood?

Fort Hood has released this image of missing soldier, Jennifer Sewell, Oct. 10, 2021, in hopes the public can help locate her. Sewell, who does not own a vehicle, is described as a Black woman, 5 feet 5 inches tall, with brown hair and brown eyes, according to investigators.

Is the Fort Hood soldier still missing?

A soldier at Fort Hood has been found after she was reported missing last week. A statement from Fort Hood said her family has confirmed she is safe and currently with extended family members on Oct. 10.

Is Fort Hood Open?

Fort Hood, TX – Gate Hours, Map and Status Hood has fifteen gates. The Main, Clear Creek, North Clark, South Clark, East, East Range Rd and West Range Rd Gates are all open 24 hours. 10th Street, Copperas Cove North and South, Fort Hood St, Santa Fe, 79th Street and Mohawk Gates are all open 0530-2000, M-F.

What is a Fort Hood soldier?

Fort Hood is a United States Army post located near Killeen, Texas. … As originally constructed, Fort Hood had an area of 158,706 acres (64,226 ha), with billeting for 6,007 officers and 82,610 enlisted personnel.

Who killed the soldier at Fort Hood?

Nakealon Keunte Mosley, 24, was indicted by a grand jury in Bell County, Texas, which is located just outside the Army base in central Texas, according to online court records. He is charged with shooting Sgt. Francine Martinez, 24, on Sept. 4 following an argument outside of a nightclub in Killeen, Texas.

Who commands Fort Hood?

Gen. John B. Richardson assumed command of the 1st Cavalry Division in a ceremony Wednesday morning, seven months after the previous commander of Fort Hood’s largest combat unit was suspended in the wake of a soldier’s death that sparked several investigations into the Texas base.

Did Fort Hood commander get relieved?

Michael Schoenfeldt was relieved of duty “because of a loss of trust and confidence” in his ability to command. FORT HOOD, Texas — Fort Hood announced Thursday that Col. Michael Schoenfeldt was relieved of his duty because of a loss of trust and confidence in his ability to command.

Who harassed Vanessa Guillen?

Guillen was sexually harassed, but not by her believed killer- Spc. Aaron Robinson. Guillen reported the harassment on two separate occasions. Both times, her supervisor failed to report the harassment, and other leaders failed to take action.

Is Fort Hood growing?

A LawnStarter analysis of the water board’s population projections indicates the population of the Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood area will grow nearly 23 percent from 2015 to 2030. By 2030, the region is expected to have more than 550,000 residents, up from about 450,000 in 2015.

Where does Fort Hood deploy to?

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) – Nearly 160 U.S. Army soldiers stationed at Fort Hood on Monday deployed to Europe to support NATO allies as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensified.

Where should I live stationed at Fort Hood?

Many military families choose to live in Harker Heights when stationed at Fort Hood. They have a movie theater, Super Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods and other big box stores. School are good in the area so this makes it a desirable area for military to move to. Copperas Cove is located just West of Base off Hwy 190.

What happened to Vanessa Guillen at Fort Hood?

Guillen died a violent death at Fort Hood in April 2020. Investigators said another soldier killed her on base before disposing of her body. The Army Specialist’s family long said she experienced sexual harassment but didn’t report it in fear of retaliation.

What happened to specialist Robinson?

A few minutes after the call, Specialist Robinson fled out the door. Three hours later, Army and civilian police found Specialist Robinson in the city of Killeen, just outside the gates of Fort Hood. When confronted, the soldier pulled out a gun and killed himself.

What happened to Aguilar in Vanessa Guillen case?

A federal judge ruled the confession of a murder suspect will stand in the Vanessa Guillen case. Cecily Aguilar has been charged with helping to dismember and hide Guillen’s body. Her attorney asked the judge to throw out her confession and her indictment in the case, but the judge ruled against her motion.

Where is Cecily Aguilar from?

Aguilar is 22 years old as of 2020, she was born on June 8, 1998, in Jackson, Michigan, the United States of America.