What Is February Birth Flower? The February birth month flowers are the violet and the primrose.

What is the official flower for February? February: Iris and Violet February birthdays are represented by violets or irises, flowers that suggest loyalty and faithfulness. The three upright petals of an iris bloom can indicate courage, faith and wisdom, or friendship, hope and compliments.

Is February birth flower iris or violet? February actually has two official birth flowers: the violet and iris. The violet symbolizes true love and abundance while the iris is the symbolic flower of the Greek goddess Iris who was also the messenger of love.

What color is February flower? Did you know Violets and Primroses are the February birth flowers? Violets have been around for generations and centuries, dating back to the ancient Greeks. The vivid, colored flowers, mostly purple and blue, also come in cream, and yellow.

What is the birth flower for February 21?

February: Violet and Primrose Both violets and primroses hold meaning for those born in February. Violets come in a variety of purple hues and symbolize loyalty and faithfulness. Primroses bloom in early spring, with color options including pink, purple, white, yellow, and red.

Is primrose A February birth flower?

What Are the February Birth Flowers? The February birth month flowers are the violet and the primrose.

What flower is Aquarius?

Flower: Orchid Naturally, a strong, yet delicate-looking flower like the orchid makes the perfect gift for an Aquarius. The exotic shape of the plant aligns with the eccentric personality of an Aquarius.

Is Primrose and violet same?

With the majority of traditional houseplants being foliage plants because of the lower light conditions, African violets provide welcome splashes of color. Primroses, on the other hand, are low-growing, easy-care flowers that work well for lining paths and edging flower beds or containers with their cheerful blooms.

Are violets and irises the same?

The violet is a symbol of love and fertility while the iris shares its name with the messenger of the Gods and Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.

What does a primrose stand for?

What does a primrose symbolize? In the Victorian language of flowers, primroses’ association with youth and young love means “I can’t live without you.” Across cultures, primroses signify spring, protection, safety, and love.

What are February colors?

Purple, light blue and yellow are the February colors. The purple color for this month derives from the February gem that is Amethyst crystal which occurs in purple shade. February month is associated with Valentine’s Day and roses like primrose and violet remain in huge demand this whole month.

Does February have two birthstones?

Amethyst and jasper are two stunning birthstone options for February birthdays. The violet hues of amethyst and the rich, earthen colors of green jasper look fabulous on their own, but also when combined.

What Colour is February birthstone?

Amethyst. Amethyst is purple quartz and is a beautiful blend of violet and red that can be found in every corner of the world.

What is December’s birth flower?

The Narcissus. From the genus Narcissus (which also includes the daffodil!), the paperwhite Narcissus is one of the most popular winter blooms, making it only fitting to be December’s birth flower and associated with good wishes, hope, and wealth – all the things one wishes for end-of-year cheer and celebration!

What symbolizes February?

February symbols It symbolizes piety, humility, spiritual wisdom, and sincerity. The zodiac signs for the month of February are Aquarius (until February 20) and Pisces (February 20 onwards).

What flower represents pure love and good luck?

CARNATION, WHITE: Innocence, faithfulness, sweet and lovely, pure love, ardent love, good luck. These lovely flowers have lasting qualities, and are often handed out on Mother’s Day to symbolize the purity and strength of motherhood.

What is Aquarius Colour?

Aquarius (Jan. Creative, socially conscious, independent, friendly, and strong, Aquarius’s power color is blue. This is a bright, pretty color that brings peace and joy to the onlooker. Blue is associated with art, jewelry, water, thoughtfulness, serenity, and tranquility.

What is an Aquarius birthstone color?

THE AQUARIUS BIRTHSTONE COLOR IS SAID TO STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS AND GIVE ITS WEARER COURAGE. Those born in February, or under the star sign of the water-bearer, have Amethyst as their birthstone color. This beautiful purple shade represents royalty.

What is Aquarius favorite color?

If you are an Aquarius, your favorite color is Blue!

Does primrose grow wild?

Primula veris In the wild, they grow in fields and by the woodland edge. They like moist, well-drained, humus-rich soil and can tolerate very damp soil if they are in full sun. Primula veris ssp.

Are violets perennials or annuals?

Botanically speaking, violas, pansies, and almost all violets are perennials belonging to the genus Viola. However, violas and pansies are usually treated as annuals, invaluable for fall, winter, and spring bloom in mild-winter areas, for spring-through-early-summer color in colder climates.

What does an iris symbolize?

They can represent faith, hope, courage, wisdom and admiration. Specific flower colors attach further meanings to the pretty blooms. Purple iris brings a message of wisdom and compliments, while a bouquet of blue iris blossoms speak of hope and faith.

Can you get irises in February?

During February and March the delightful Iris reticulata and Iris danfordiae come into their own in an array of mauves, blues, creams and yellows. It’s a miniature bulb so perfect for the rock garden or containers.