What Is A Biget? The definition of a bigot is a person who is prejudiced, or intolerant of those who are different. A person who thinks all men are better than all women is an example of a bigot.

What is an example of a bigot? The definition of a bigot is a person who is prejudiced, or intolerant of those who are different. A person who thinks all men are better than all women is an example of a bigot.

Who is considered a bigot? A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities that are different from their own.

What is a religious bigot? a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who does not like other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life: a religious bigot.

What does bigotry mean simple definition?

Definition of bigotry 1 : obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices : the state of mind of a bigot overcoming his own bigotry. 2 : acts or beliefs characteristic of a bigot racial bigotry will not tolerate bigotry in our organization.

What’s the opposite of a bigot?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms bigoted. Antonyms: unprejudiced, open-minded, large-minded, broad, comprehensive, liberal.

How do you use bigotry?

Bigotry in a Sentence 1. In the past, blatant bigotry from dominant societies often led one race of people to enslave another. 2. The religious bigotry in the country ensures that anyone who believes something other than the government mandated religion is persecuted.

What is bigot Class 7?

Bigot- An individual who is intolerant of another person’s religious beliefs or culture. 2Thank You. Related Questions. CBSE > Class 07 > Social Science.

What is the synonym of bigoted?

adj.intolerant, prejudiced.

What does bigot mean in Tagalog?

The English word “bigot” can be translated as the following word in Tagalog: Best translation for the English word bigot in Tagalog: panátikó [noun] fanatic; zealot; bigot more…

What is it called when you discriminate someone because of their religion?

Religious discrimination involves treating a person (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of his or her religious beliefs.

What is a sentence for bigoted?

Bigoted in a Sentence 1. A narrow-minded chauvinist, the bigoted billionaire’s behavior showed just how much he hated women. 2. The bigoted and intolerant politician only cared to help those whose faces and bank accounts looked like his own.

Where bigotry is so blind reason is but dust in the balance?

Where bigotry is so blind, reason is but dust in the balance. It is the only way to combat bigotry on all sides. While his relationship with his friends remained intact, Oliver’s parents wrestled with their own bigotry where he was concerned.

What is being xenophobic?

Xenophobia is the fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners, whereas racism has a broader meaning set including “a belief that racial differences produce the inherent superiority of a particular race.” Although they are similar, they are different enough that it is possible for one to be both xenophobic and racist.

What does it mean to be blinkered?

Definition of blinkered 1 : limited in scope or understanding : narrow-minded. 2 : fitted with blinders.

What F is a counterfeit and a fake?

The synonyms fake and counterfeit are sometimes interchangeable, but fake implies an imitation of or substitution for the genuine but does not necessarily imply dishonesty.

What part of speech is bigot?

one who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices.

What is a sentence for civil rights?

Under Dutch rule they enjoyed full civil rights . In 1868 civil rights were declared to be independent of religious confession. Martin Luther King was one of the most inspirational speakers in the civil rights movement.

What was ZABT Class 7?

Explanation : Zabt was a land revenue system that was framed during the Mughal period. This system included taking a careful survey of crop yields and prices cultivated for a 10 year period. On this basis tax was fixed on each crop in cash.

What are hinterlands Class 7?

Answer: An area behind a coast or the shoreline of a river.

What is 7th water cycle?

Water of Class 7 The water from the oceans and surface of the earth evaporates and rises up in the air. It cools and condenses to form clouds and then falls back to the earth as rain, snow or hail. This circulation of water between the oceans and land is called water cycle.

What’s another word for male chauvinist?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for male-chauvinist, like: male chauvinist pig, bigot, female chauvinist, jingoist, manist, masculist, supremacist, mcp, chauvinist, racist and sexist.

What does Bingot mean Filipino?

harelip noun. bungi, pagkabingot, pagkabungi. harelipped adjective. bingot.