What Happens If You Go Through Pikepass Without One? 8. What should I do if I accidentally drove through a PIKEPASS only lane and not have a PIKEPASS in the vehicle? You will need to pay the missed toll within 3 days or before a violation is generated. For missed toll payment information click here.

How much is a toll violation in Oklahoma? OKLAHOMA CITY — Governor Mary Fallin just signed a bill into law making the fine for not paying the turnpike toll a flat rate of $25 in an effort to get more people to get the Pikepass.

Does Oklahoma toll by plate? PlatePay is the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s big step toward cashless tolling on the turnpike system. The cashless system made its way onto Oklahoma turnpikes starting in 2017 with PlatePay installed at the Peoria/Elm Interchange exit on the Creek Turnpike in Jenks, Oklahoma.

Can you pay tolls by mail in Oklahoma?

These violations can be paid via credit or debit card on the PIKEPASS website or a check or money order can be mailed to the address listed on the Missed Toll Payment page . There are a few reasons that you may receive a Notice of Toll Evasion Violation even though you have a PIKEPASS account.

What do I do if I missed a toll in Oklahoma?

You will need to pay the missed toll within 3 days or before a violation is generated. For missed toll payment information click here. If you receive a Notice of Toll Evasion Violation, please contact the PIKEPASS Enforcement Branch at (877) 774-9569. 9.

What is a PIKEPASS portable?

PIKEPASS use provides totally automated electronic tolling and non-stop turnpike travel unless otherwise designated in the lane at certain plazas (reference section 2.5 in the Pikepass License & Use Agreement). PIKEPASS customers receive an average 10% savings off the posted cash rate for tolls.

How much is a PikePass in Oklahoma?

3. How much does it cost? There are currently no fees for the PIKEPASS Sticker. If you do not want to use a PIKEPASS Sticker, there is a a $25 portability fee for choosing to use a PIKEPASS Portable or LPT (License Plate Tag).

Are Oklahoma tolls cash only?

No more digging through change to pay turnpike tolls in Green Country. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority is switching to a cashless system.

What is cashless tolling in Oklahoma?

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Kickapoo Turnpike transitioned to cashless tolling Tuesday morning. Motorists will now use PIKEPASS or PlatePay, eliminating toll booths and coin machines from the 21-mile turnpike in Eastern Oklahoma County.

Does my Oklahoma pikepass work in Texas?

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (TNN) – Pikepass Customers can now use their transponder throughout all of Texas. Officials with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority made the announcement Wednesday. Before, it would only work in Oklahoma, North Texas, and Kansas.

How do you remove PIKEPASS stickers?

You can remove the PIKEPASS Sticker by starting at the cut corner and peeling it away from the windshield. After removal, clean any adhesive residue using an alcohol based glass cleaner. Once removed, the PIKEPASS Sticker cannot be reused. REMOVE ALL AIR BUBBLES FROM UNDER STICKER, OR IT MAY NOT WORK.

What states accept PIKEPASS?

Pikepass customers can now use their transponder in all of Texas, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority officials announced on Wednesday. Previously it would only work in Oklahoma, north Texas and Kansas. The Pikepass transponder will now work on toll roads in the Houston and Austin areas.

Is Oklahoma turnpike cashless?

Turnpike authority sees nearly half a million PlatePay transactions in 1st month of cashless tolling. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority reported nearly half a million transactions during its first full month using a cash-free tolling system.

Does Oklahoma accept EZ Pass?

The Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) EZ TAG is now interoperable with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) toll roads. This means EZ TAG customers can now travel all toll roads throughout the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas!

How do Oklahoma tolls work?

Tolls can be paid through cash (at either unmanned exact-change bays or manned booths, depending on the plaza) or through the Pikepass transponder system. In place of cash collection booths, PlatePay, a cashless pay-by-mail system, operates on the Kilpatrick Turnpike and the Kickapoo Turnpike.

How much are Oklahoma tolls?

New toll rates Will Rogers Turnpike: The PikePass rate for customers traveling in a two-axle vehicle from Tulsa to the state line will rise to $4.50 from $4.40, while the cash rate will rise to $4.75 from $4.50.

How does an Oklahoma pikepass work?

PIKEPASS provides totally automated, free-flow travel on all Oklahoma Turnpikes at highway speeds, eliminating the need for motorists to stop and pay tolls. Customers enrolled in the PIKEPASS program are provided a PIKEPASS tag, or transponder, when they establish a pre-paid toll account.

Does Oklahoma pikepass work in Colorado?

Oklahoma Pikepass holders will now be able to use their pass in another state.

Does it cost to open a PIKEPASS account?

Open a New Account A Minimum Prepaid License and Toll Fee of $40.00 is required to open this type of account. This entitles customers up to five PIKEPASSes initially. Additional PIKEPASSes requested require an additional $40.00 per every five PIKEPASSes requested.

Does PIKEPASS work for K-TAG?

Frequently Asked Questions: TollTag members using Kansas and Oklahoma toll roads: Will the TollTag work on Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA – K-TAG) and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA – PIKEPASS) toll roads? Yes, the sticker version of the NTTA TollTag will work as a payment method on all KTA and OTA toll roads.

How long does it take to get a K-TAG?

K-TAG orders are processed within 3-5 business days.

Can you pay cash on the Oklahoma turnpike?

OTA will begin the conversion away from cash on the John Kilpatrick Turnpike on July 25. All remaining turnpikes will be converted to cashless tolling, known as PlatePay, over the next four years.