What Happened In Australia In 1984? September. 2 September – 7 people shot dead and 12 wounded in a bikie shootout between rival bikie gangs the Bandidos and Comancheros in the Sydney suburb of Milperra. 5 September – Western Australia becomes the last Australian state to abolish capital punishment for ordinary crimes (i.e. murder).

Who was in Australian government in 1984? The incumbent Labor Party led by Prime Minister Bob Hawke defeated the opposition Liberal–National coalition, led by Andrew Peacock. The election was held in conjunction with two referendum questions, neither of which were carried.

What happened in the year 1985 in Australia? New South Wales abolishes capital punishment for treason and piracy with violence, thereby abolishing capital punishment from Australia. The McClelland Royal Commission into the nuclear tests at Maralinga in the 1950s reports its findings.

What happened in the 1980s in Australia?

Submerge yourself in 80s goodness with glimpses of fashion, music, technology, film, television, radio, sport and advertising from the decade. The 1980s was all about excess: greed was good, hair was big and colours were bright. Free-to-air-television and VHS tapes were all we had to watch on TV.

What was happening in Australia in 1983?

16 February – The Ash Wednesday bushfires in Victoria and South Australia claim the lives of 72 people and destroys over 2,000 homes in one of Australia’s worst ever fires. 21 February – The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) endorses the prices and income accord drawn up jointly with the Australian Labor Party.

Why is 1984 such a popular year?

1984 saw a contentious Presidential election where Ronald Reagan won a second term over Walter Mondale, the AIDS virus was discovered and made public, Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated, and the threat of nuclear war hung over the world.

Who wrote the book 1984?

Nineteen Eighty-four, also published as 1984, novel by English author George Orwell published in 1949 as a warning against totalitarianism. The chilling dystopia made a deep impression on readers, and his ideas entered mainstream culture in a way achieved by very few books.

Who was the last Labour prime minister Australia?

Kevin Rudd became Australia’s 26th prime minister when the Labor Party won office, replacing the Liberal-National Party government led by John Howard.

What happened in the year 1885?

January 20 – American inventor LaMarcus Adna Thompson patents a roller coaster. January 24 – Irish rebels damage Westminster Hall and the Tower of London with dynamite. January 26 – Mahdist War in Sudan: Troops loyal to Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad conquer Khartoum; British commander Charles George Gordon is killed.

What historical event happened in 1986?

Soviet Nuclear reactor at Chernobyl explodes on April 26th causing release of radioactive material across much of Europe. 1. A nuclear power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine (which was still a part of the Soviet Union) exploded during April of 1986, causing a huge nuclear disaster.

What was the biggest news story in 1985?

What happened in 1985 Major News Stories include Coca-Cola Company introduces New Coke, Heysel Stadium Disaster, Unabomber kills his first victim, CD’s Introduced, Wreck of the RMS Titanic Located, Mexico City Earthquake kills 9,000, Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior is sunk by French Agents, As the spread of aids …

What was life like in Australia in the 80s?

The 1980s was a decade of contrasts. The Australian economy was booming – property values skyrocketed and many businesses made large profits. Many people became pre-occupied with making money and of course, spending it. Fashion, music and television from the decade was glitzy, showy and glamorous.

What happened in the year 1982 in Australia?

29 March – The Sydney Swans, the first VFL club outside Victoria, play their first home game at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG). 24 July – The Swans (13.12. 90) defeat the North Melbourne Kangaroos (8.10. 58) to win the Australian Football Championships Night Series.

What happened in the 80s pop culture?

In 1980, the U.S. hockey team shocked the Soviets at the Olympics. In 1980, John Lennon was assassinated in New York City. In 1981, Microsoft was asked to create an operating system for IBM computers. The Chernobyl nuclear plant explosion in the Soviet Union that resulted in deaths of an estimated 7,000 in 1986.

How far did Australia get in the World Cup?

They have won four Nations Cup titles, in 1980, 1996, 2000 and 2004 and one Asian Cup in 2015. However, they have never made it to the final of the FIFA World Cup, having their best performance being in the Round of 16 in 2006.

What world event happened in 1983?

April 4 – The Space Shuttle Challenger is launched on its maiden voyage: STS-6. April 13 – Minnesota’s largest retailer Target Corporation expands into California, opening 11 stores. The 1983 United States embassy bombing in Beirut kills 63 people. Channel broadcasting is founded by the Disney Channel.

What the world was like in 1983?

1983 was a turbulent time, with the rise in tensions surrounding nuclear weaponry the Cold War was on everybody’s minds. Nuclear cruise missiles owned by America and Russia began arriving in Europe, and the IRA was terrorizing the UK. This year wasn’t all bad though.

What major event happened in 1984?

October 31 – Assassination of Indira Gandhi: Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi is assassinated by her two Sikh security guards in New Delhi. Anti-Sikh riots break out, leaving 10,000 to 20,000 Sikhs dead in Delhi and surrounding areas with majority populations of Hindus.

What was the biggest news story in 1984?

Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by two Sikh bodyguards; 1,000 killed in anti-Sikh riots; son Rajiv succeeds her (Oct. 31). Toxic gas leaks from Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India, killing 2,000 and injuring 150,000 (Dec. 3).

What are three slogans of the Party 1984?

In George Orwell’s 1984, the three slogans of the Party—”War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength” (page 4)—are significant paradoxes that are used to reveal the theme of the novel that fear and ignorance allow one to be easily controlled.