What Happened In 2012 In Australia? 2012 is a special year as it relates to the Mayan calendar. The cosmological importance of 2012 is believed to be a great alignment, occurring on 21 December of that year.

What is special about the year 2012? 2012 is a special year as it relates to the Mayan calendar. The cosmological importance of 2012 is believed to be a great alignment, occurring on 21 December of that year.

What was happening in Australia 2013? 23 January – A monsoon trough passes over parts of Queensland and New South Wales, causing severe storms, flooding, and tornadoes. 27–28 January – Cyclone Oswald causes heavy rainfall and flooding in Queensland. 30 January – Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces the date of the 2013 federal election as 14 September.

What war happened in 2012?

The War In Afghanistan at the End of 2012: The Uncertain Course of the War and Transition.

What was happening in 2013?

2013 was the year of the Boston Marathon Tragedy. It was also a year where the government shut down for 16 days and Detroit filed bankruptcy. In 2013, Whitey Bulger got life in prison, George Zimmerman was acquitted and Bradley Manning came out as transgender. Filibusters were popular in 2013.

What happened in 2011 in the world?

May 1 – U.S. President Barack Obama announces that Osama bin Laden, the founder and leader of the militant group Al-Qaeda, was killed on May 2, 2011 (PKT, UTC+05) during an American military operation in Pakistan. May 5 – Supremo Tribunal Federal approves wedding between people of the same gender in Brazil.

Who won the 2013 election Australia?

The centre-right Liberal/National Coalition opposition led by Opposition leader Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party of Australia and Coalition partner the National Party of Australia, led by Warren Truss, defeated the incumbent centre-left Labor Party government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd by an 18-seat 3.6 percentage …

Who won the 2016 election Australia?

The Government was returned with a reduced majority of 76 of the 150 House of Representatives seats, losing 14 seats, and with a two party preferred count of 50.36 per cent.

What happened in the year 2005?

Worldwide protests occur against the Iraq War, with over 150,000 protesters in Washington, D.C. (see Opposition to the Iraq War). Hurricane Rita hits the U.S. Gulf Coast, devastating areas near Beaumont, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

What major events happened in 2010 Australia?

16–20 December – The Gascoyne River in Western Australia was affected by major flooding, inundating houses in Carnarvon. December 2010 – January 2011 – Around 200,000 people in 22 cities and towns across Queensland are affected by floods, most widespread flooding disaster in Queensland history.

What was trending in 2012?

As a whole, it’s been an interesting year for the Web — Google Panda, the mass growth of Pinterest and the Instagram/Twitter war were all hot topics in 2012, and they all changed the way people view the Internet for good.

What happened October 2012?

Taliban Gun Down 14-Year-Old Girl Who Defied Them (Oct. 9): In Pakistan, Taliban members shoot 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai in the head and neck. The shooting occurs while Yousafzai is on her way home on a school bus filled with children. Two other girls are wounded.

What happened April 2012?

Seven Die in California School Shooting (Apr. 2): One Goh, a 43-year-old former student at Oikos University, a Christian school in Oakland, Calif., opens fire on the campus, killing seven people and wounding several others. Romney Edges Closer to the GOP Nomination (Apr.

What was happening June 2012?

Scott Walker Wins Recall Election in Wisconsin (June 5): Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker easily wins a recall election against his 2010 opponent, Tom Barrett. Receiving 53 percent of the vote, Walker becomes the first governor in U.S. history to win a recall election.

What happened September 2012?

War in Afghanistan: Two suicide bombings near a NATO base kill at least 12 people and wound 50 others in the Sayed Abad district of Afghanistan’s Wardak province. (USA Today) A drone strike conducted by the United States kills at least five suspected militants in North Waziristan, Pakistan.

What happened Australia Economy 2012?

OVERVIEW OF AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY IN 2012-13 The Australian economy expanded by 2.6% in 2012-13. Real net national disposable income grew by 0.1%. Terms of trade fell 9.7% in 2012-13 compared to a 0.4% rise in the previous year. The Household saving ratio was 10.5% for 2012-13, down from 11.7% in 2011-12.

Who was PM before Scott Morrison?

Robert Menzies and Kevin Rudd served two non-consecutive terms in office while Alfred Deakin and Andrew Fisher served three non-consecutive terms; the 30th and current prime minister is Scott Morrison (since 24 August 2018).

What happened to Harold Holt?

12:20 p.m. On 17 December 1967, Harold Holt, the Prime Minister of Australia, disappeared while swimming in the sea near Portsea, Victoria. An enormous search operation was mounted in and around Cheviot Beach, but his body was never recovered.

What happened in the year 2014?

February. February – The West African Ebola virus epidemic begins, infecting at least 28,616 people and killing at least 11,310 people, the most severe both in terms of numbers of infections and casualties. February 7–23 – The XXII Olympic Winter Games are held in Sochi, Russia.