What Does Reverberate Mean? /rɪˈvɜr·bəˌreɪt/ (of sound) to continue to be heard; to echo repeatedly: The loud music reverberated off the walls.

What is a sentence for reverberate? /rɪˈvɜr·bəˌreɪt/ (of sound) to continue to be heard; to echo repeatedly: The loud music reverberated off the walls.

What is the correct definition of reverberate? 1a : to become driven back. b : to become reflected. 2 : to continue in or as if in a series of echoes : resound a historic event that still reverberates today. reverberate. adjective.

What is the synonym of reverberate? In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for reverberate, like: reflect, resound, echo, sound, vibrate, reecho, resonate, rebound, thunder, repeat and take a hop.

What does disreputable mean in English?

adjective. not reputable; having a bad reputation: a disreputable barroom. discreditable; dishonorable. shabby or shoddy; of poor quality or condition: disreputable clothes.

Is reverberate a adjective?

When something reverberates, it resounds, or echoes in a deep, vibrating way. Both the verb and adjective are rooted in the Latin reverberare, “beat back.”

What do you mean by Deliverance?

Definition of deliverance 1 : the act of delivering someone or something : the state of being delivered especially : liberation, rescue. 2 : something delivered especially : an opinion or decision (such as the verdict of a jury) expressed publicly.

What does reverberating impact mean?

Reverberate means sound waves traveling back and forth, as in an echo. Often we use reverberate to talk about sound, or sometimes light. If a noise echoes for a long time, we can say the space reverberates with that noise. You may have heard of a reverb effect in audio processing, which is basically a long echo.

How do you spell Resignate?

The Urban Dictionary’s definition of resignate, `to force or otherwise cause the resignation of someone or something’, clearly fits the context of being resignated from a job.

What part of speech is reverberate?

verb (used without object), re·ver·ber·at·ed, re·ver·ber·at·ing. to reecho or resound: Her singing reverberated through the house.

What does it mean when someone says something resonates with them?

When something “resonates with you,” it hits you on an emotional level because you can relate to it. It moves you and evokes a feeling of familiarity within you. On some occasions, it might even inspire you to take action. Example: What he said resonated with me. It made me rethink my past decisions.

What does vim and Vigour mean?

Definition of vim and vigour : energy and enthusiasm Though she’s no longer young, she’s still full of vim and vigour.

What does immoral act mean?

Immoral, referring to conduct, applies to one who acts contrary to or does not obey or conform to standards of morality; it may also mean licentious and perhaps dissipated.

What’s unprincipled mean?

Definition of unprincipled : lacking moral principles : unscrupulous.

Who is legendary?

The definition of legendary is someone or something that has become famous or well-known, usually as a result of a distinctive or unique characteristic or skill. A person who is the best pool player in a town is an example of someone who might be considered a legendary pool player.

Is incoherently a word?

1. Lacking cohesion, connection, or harmony; not coherent: incoherent fragments of a story. 2. Unable to think or express one’s thoughts in a clear or orderly manner: incoherent with grief.

What is the synonym of debase?

Some common synonyms of debase are corrupt, debauch, deprave, pervert, and vitiate. While all these words mean “to cause deterioration or lowering in quality or character,” debase implies a loss of position, worth, value, or dignity.

What is the synonym of Sage?

Some common synonyms of sage are judicious, prudent, sane, sapient, sensible, and wise. While all these words mean “having or showing sound judgment,” sage suggests wide experience, great learning, and wisdom.

What is Bible Deliverance?

In Christianity, deliverance ministry refers to groups that perform practices and rituals to cleanse people of demons and evil spirits. This is done in order to address problems manifesting in their life as a result of demonic presences, which have authority to oppress the person.

What is a strong drawl?

: to speak slowly with vowels greatly prolonged.

What does reverberating seats mean?

Reverberation is the presence of sound after the source has stopped – similar to an echo. In movie theaters reverberation often builds when sound is reflected off walls, floors and ceiling surfaces.

What does reverberation mean in music?

Reverberation (also known as reverb), in acoustics, is a persistence of sound, or echo after a sound is produced.

What is resonate in the Bible?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresonate with something phrasal verb1 CHARACTER OF something formal to be full of a particular meaning or quality literature that resonates with biblical imagery2 to be full of a particular sound a hall resonating with laughter → resonate→ See Verb table.

Can you resonate with a person?

Considering that it’s another term for sympathetic vibration, “resonate” is an excellent metaphor for being in agreement with someone.