What Does Precisely Mean? 1 strictly correct in amount or value.

What does precisely so mean? 1 strictly correct in amount or value.

Does precisely mean yes? On its own, precisely can substitute for yes or exactly.

What is an example of precisely? Precisely is defined as exactly, specifically or with precision. When it is exactly 1:00, this is an example of a time when it is precisely 1:00. When you carefully place books on a shelf with great precision, this is an example of a time when you place the books precisely on the shelf.

What is another word for precisely?

In this page you can discover 36 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for precisely, like: exactly, accurately, specifically, straight, definitely, incisively, in reality, concretely, squarely, plainly and correctly.

What do you mean anxious?

Definition of anxious 1 : characterized by extreme uneasiness of mind or brooding fear about some contingency : worried anxious parents. 2 : characterized by, resulting from, or causing anxiety : worrying They spent an anxious night. 3 : ardently or earnestly wishing She was anxious to learn more.

What does dead on?

: exactly correct or accurate a dead-on analysis his impersonations were dead-on.

What is the meaning of Essex?

English: regional name for someone from the county of Essex, which is named from Old English east ‘east’ + Seaxe ‘Saxons’. In England the surname is now particularly common in Birmingham.

What is the difference between exactly and precisely?

As adverbs the difference between precisely and exactly is that precisely is (manner) in a precise manner; exactly while exactly is (manner) without approximation; precisely.

When should I use precisely?

You can use precisely to emphasize that a reason or fact is the only important one there is, or that it is obvious. Children come to zoos precisely to see captive animals. That is precisely the result the system is designed to produce.

What is the opposite of precisely?

Opposite of with meticulous attention to standards or precision. imprecisely. inexactly. loosely. inaccurately.

What is the synonym of correctly?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for correctly, like: accurately, rightly, incorrectly, inaccurately, fair, precisely, properly, perfectly, flawed, cleanly and fairly.

How do you use extravagantly in a sentence?

This was a man who was living ostentatiously above his means, extravagantly above his means. I think that they are extravagantly high and do grave social damage. I do think that is a most extravagantly exaggerated proposition. One must remember that we are all extravagantly minded.

Is anxiety a mental illness?

Anxiety disorders are the most common of mental disorders and affect nearly 30% of adults at some point in their lives. But anxiety disorders are treatable and a number of effective treatments are available. Treatment helps most people lead normal productive lives.

Does timid mean shy?

Lacking self-confidence; shy. The definition of timid is shy and fearful. An example of timid is a scared and lost child.

What causes anxiety?

A big event or a buildup of smaller stressful life situations may trigger excessive anxiety — for example, a death in the family, work stress or ongoing worry about finances. Personality. People with certain personality types are more prone to anxiety disorders than others are.

What does banging on mean?

banged on; banging on; bangs on. Definition of bang on (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. British, informal. : to talk repeatedly or continuously about something —usually used with about I love fatherhood—I could bang on about kids forever.—

What does dead on the water mean?

If you say that someone or something is dead in the water, you are emphasizing that they have failed, and that there is little hope of them being successful in the future.

Do anything for a quiet life meaning?

DEFINITIONS1. used for saying that you will let someone do what they want in order to avoid an argument. Synonyms and related words. Ending, solving and avoiding arguments and fights. ADR.

Why is it called Essex?

The name Essex derives from the Kingdom of the East Seaxe or Kingdom of Essex which was traditionally founded by Aescwine in AD 527, occupying territory to the north of the River Thames and east of the River Lea.

Does precise mean exact?

Precise means strictly correct or very exact.

Can I say more precisely?

You can say “make it more precise” or “do it more precisely.” The first uses an adjective, the second an adverb.

Is more precisely grammatically correct?

It’s fine to say More precisely,… so long as you are following the same structure as earlier with more detail. However, note that this expression better suits for short explanations than seems to be the context — a longer discussion following a short general intro.

How do you use However in a sentence?

You can use it in the middle of a sentence without a comma after it. I couldn’t bring myself to give up my thermal vest, however tired I was of being teased for it. You can also put it at the beginning of your sentence, without a comma afterwards. However you like me to dress, I’ll do the opposite.