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what does exclamation mark mean in messages(July 2022)

    What Does Exclamation Mark Mean In Messages? The exclamation point is similar to an emoji — it implies an opinion or feeling. Example: ‘Yes’ vs ‘Yes!’ ‘I always try to convey enthusiasm, happiness in excitement.

    What does an exclamation mark mean in a text message? The name explanation point is often used to convey a sense of excitement on the part of the text receiver upon receiving a text from the texter. The Name Exclamation Point is a good way to signal to someone that you’re excited to talk to them without seeming too over the top in the rest of your text.

    What does an exclamation mark mean on iPhone Messages? That red exclamation point on the Messages app icon is telling you that there was a message(s) that it was unable to send and therefore the error. You stated that when you power on the iPhone then it shows up and then goes away after a few seconds.