What Are Wonder Eggs? Wonder Eggs Successfully protecting the person inside the egg causes the statue of the person they are trying to save to get warmer; a step closer in saving them. All of the four main girls have been using the Wonder Eggs in order to bring back each of the person they are trying to save.

What do wonder eggs do? Wonder Eggs Successfully protecting the person inside the egg causes the statue of the person they are trying to save to get warmer; a step closer in saving them. All of the four main girls have been using the Wonder Eggs in order to bring back each of the person they are trying to save.

What happens to the wonder eggs? While walking late at night, Ai is led into a garden by Acca and Ura-Acca, who give her an egg that they promise will grant her wish. When Ai breaks it in the dream, the egg hatches into Kurumi Saijō, a girl her age who committed suicide.

Is Wonder Egg Priority a dream? Although each one of them can only go in their own dream world, It happens that sometimes several girls find themselves in a same dream, this one existing only during one night. Each of the four protagonists have to protect their Wonder Egg people, hatched from their eggs.

How does the Wonder Egg world work?

In Wonder Egg Priority, 14-year-old Ai Ohto grieves after the suicide of her only friend Koito, and enters a dream world where she must fight to protect the spirits of dead girls, housed within “Wonder Eggs.” To help them find peace, Ai has to fight creepy, kitchen knife-wielding demons called “Seeno Evils” and larger …

Is Ai Ohto dead?

Ai Ohto (大戸 アイ, Ōto Ai?), or known better as “Parallel World” Ai (もう一人のアイ, Mōhitori no Ai?. lit. “Another Ai”), is the parallel counterpart of Ai Ohto. She is from a parallel world where she did not meet Koito, thus in her committing suicide by drowning herself in the pool.

Is Ai Ohto a girl?

Ai is a young girl of average height and petite figure whose most distinguishing feature is her heterochromia, which causes her right eye to be a yellowish-amber and her left eye to be a slightly darker shade of ocean blue.

Is Wonder Egg Priority worth watching?

In my opinion yes. I haven’t watched the latest season yet but I do like it. Dont let the animation of season 1 and 2 (especially season 1) put you off, it gets better and better as the show does. It’s actually the kind of show I’ve always (kinda) dreamed of making.

Does AI save Koito?

The Wonder Egg Priority Special revealed that Ai managed to save Koito, though she never got to hear the truth from her, as the now alive Koito has no recollections of her friendship with Ai.

Is Wonder Egg Priority sad?

The show is not merely ‘sad’ in a melancholic sense. Tragically and ironically, it’s about all these extreme mental conditions that society often brushes of as ‘sadness’ until it’s too late. More than being just sad, Wonder Egg Priority tackles potentially triggering topics.

What day of the week does Wonder Egg Priority air?

Studio CloverWorks has confirmed that the highly anticipated Wonder Egg Priority Special will air on the 29 th of June 2021 or, more accurately, the 30 th since it will air at midnight in Japan. For the US and Europe, then, the Wonder Egg Priority Special will be released on Tuesday the 29 th of June.

How old are Wonder Egg Priority members?

The Wonder Egg Priority Fandom Wiki revealed that the teenage characters are aged 14 to 15 years old.

What is the point of Wonder Egg Priority?

This piece discusses suicide, transphobia, sexual assault, pedophilia, and rape apologism at length. Wonder Egg Priority premiered to dazzling praise back in January, with almost film-quality animation and a creative team of talented newcomers either beginning their careers or stepping into new roles.

What happened Koito Nagase?

Her eventual suicide is what leads Ai to become a shut-in, avoiding school and refusing to speak to her teacher when he visits her home. It is for Koito’s sake that Ai begins using the Wonder Eggs.

Does Koito return?

As to be expected, since Our Ai has come to terms with herself, Koito is brought back to life (presumably). Also, another one of Frill’s creations shows up.

Does AI like Mr Sawaki?

We know that Ai said she didn’t have any feelings for Sawaki. However, upon getting the bracelet that lets her “see things previously unseen” one could assume she finally was able to confront her feelings and that let her realize that she loved Sawaki.

What is Ai Ohto birthday?

AnimeTV チェーン on Twitter: “(06/15) Today is Ai Ohto Birthday Happy Birthday!

What happens in the end of Wonder Egg Priority?

The end of the recap shows what we saw in episode 12 when Ai protects her alternative self in her dream and fights her last fight. After being overpowered by Frill’s monster Kirara, Ai’s alternative self sacrifices her blue eye so our Ai can clear the mission.

Is Koito in love with AI?

After the anime was released the pairing received fanbase in Tumblr, tagging the ship as Yuri, or Shoujo Ai (Girls’ love) inmediately. Ai, in fact, does feel fond of Koito since she was her only best friend she could make.

Is Wonder Egg Priority about mental illness?

Ai Ohto, Rika, Momoe and Neiru having a picnic in the Winder Egg Dimension. “Wonder Egg Priority” is a 2021 anime that focuses on mental health.

Is wonder egg dark?

This show may get very dark and heavy, but it stays grounded in Ai and her newfound friends, offering hope that things may turn out okay.

What time does wonder egg air?

The Wonder Egg Priority episode 13 release date is scheduled for June 29, 2021. Here is the Wonder Egg Priority episode 13 premiere time: 8 AM PT. 11 AM ET.

Are there any male characters in Wonder Egg Priority?

In episode 4 of Wonder Egg Priority , the mannequins Acca and Ura-Acca, who guide Ai and the other girls through the Egg world, make some gender essentialist statements as they explain to Neiru why there are no boys in the egg world.

Is Wonder Egg Priority appropriate for a 14 year old?

It’s just “there” as an anime and it’s also one of those shows that has more kids watching it than any other anime, mostly. So teenagers and young adults don’t recommend it much.