How Much Are Taxis In Greece? The average fare for a trip in an Athens taxi is around €7. There’s a base fare of €1.29 for every journey and a charge of €0.74/km during the day (05:00 to 24:00) and €1.29/km at night (24:00 to 05:00).

Are taxis cheap in Greece? The average fare for a trip in an Athens taxi is around €7. There’s a base fare of €1.29 for every journey and a charge of €0.74/km during the day (05:00 to 24:00) and €1.29/km at night (24:00 to 05:00).

Are taxis expensive in Greece? The average taxi ride costs between 4EUR and € 6 ( US$ 6.60). In other words, a taxi to get around the city center costs a little more than two metro tickets.

How do you pay for a taxi in Greece? When the sign on the top is lighted, the taxi is available for hire. There is a minimum fare for the short taxi rides and then the price is settled by the meter. Taxis in Greece double their fares between midnight and 05:00 am.

Is there Uber in Greece?

Technically, Uber doesn’t exist in Greece. But you can request and pay for a taxi in Athens with the Uber app. The taxi drivers use the app like all other Uber drivers.

Are taxis in Greece safe?

If you stick to licensed, metered taxis, you are unlikely to be scammed in most Western European countries. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Greece. Unscrupulous taxi drivers have been attempting to rip off arriving tourists (and succeeding) for decades.

Do Greek taxis take card?

As a major tourist destination in Europe, Greece is a credit card-friendly country. You can easily pay with your card in your hotel, in restaurants, bars and even taxis as long as you use a Visa or Mastercard.

How do I get a taxi in Greece?

Make an appointment through the application wherever you are. With 18300, the first nationwide call taxi phone number in more than 25 counties in the most reliable partner like the search process taxi in Athens, Thessaloniki and in most counties of Greece longer than a phone call to 18300 and touch the smartphone.

Do you tip taxis in Greece?

Tipping in Greece 2022 – Do you tip in Greece and how much. When it comes to tipping in Greece, it is customary to tip between 10% or 15% of the bill, or to round it up.

Do taxi drivers in Greece speak English?

Most taxi drivers speak English, however you will come across some who don’t. Why Athens has provided address information to locations featured on this website, written in both English and Greek to assist you with this. Fares are charged with a meter after the initial base rate of €3.44 is applied.

Can you use US dollar in Greece?

Can you use dollars in Greece? No you can’t spend dollars in Greece. You will need to either exchange your US Dollars for Euros, use your cards, or withdraw Euros from an ATM when on vacation in Greece.

Is there a curfew in Greece?

Update 2021-06-24: In Greece, masks must now only be worn outdoors in busy places. The obligation still applies indoors, in shops and on public transport. The curfew, which currently applies from 01:30 a.m. to 05:00 a.m., will be lifted from Monday 28 June.

What transportation do they use in Greece?

The standard overland public transport in Greece is the bus. Train networks are limited, even more so with recent cutbacks. Buses cover most primary routes on the mainland and provide basic connections on the islands.

Do people speak English in Greece?

Although the official language in Greece and Athens is Greek, English is also widely spoken, so you shouldn’t experience any problems when visiting the city. English is very widely spoken in Greece, especially in the most touristy parts of the city.

Can you wear shorts in Greece?

Shorts. It is acceptable to wear shorts, whether you are a woman or a man. However, NEVER (and I do mean NEVER) wear shorts if you want to visit a church or monastery. Also, if you plan to do a walking tour of Athens, ditch the shorts and opt for a dress – if you are a woman – or a pair of long pants – if you are a man …

How much money should I bring to Greece?

How much money will you need for your trip to Greece? You should plan to spend around €123 ($136) per day on your vacation in Greece, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, €32 ($35) on meals for one day and €24 ($27) on local transportation.

Is Greece cash only?

Do Greeks Prefer to Use Cash or Card? Cash is preferred in Greece, even though businesses are now required to accept cards.

Does Greece use credit card?

Credit cards are accepted throughout Greece in the better hotels and at most shops. But even many of the better restaurants in major cities do not accept credit cards, and certainly most restaurants and many smaller hotels in Greece do not.

Will my debit card work in Greece?

Will my credit or debit card work in Greece? US, UK and Australian cards will widely work in Greece, as long as they belong to a common card network. Visa, Mastercard, PLUS, Cirrus and American Express are also widely accepted.

How much is uber from Athens airport to city center?

A taxi from the airport to the city centre will cost 38E (54E midnight to 5am). Uber cost us 24E even at 3am.

Is it easy to get a taxi at Athens airport?

It’s easy to spot the official, licensed taxis because they all wait on the airport Arrivals level between Exits 2 and 3. There will be a queue of other passengers waiting for taxis, so simply join this line and wait until you are called forward to get into your taxi.

How much is a taxi from Athens to Piraeus?

Taxi fare from Athens airport to Piraeus port Taxis are charged on a flat rate to Piraeus Port and Piraeus Cruise Terminal. In the day (05:00-24:00) it will cost 54€, and at night (00:01-04:59) it will cost 70€.

How much does a taxi cost from Athens airport to Plaka?

The quickest way to get from Athens Airport (ATH) to Pláka is to taxi which costs €65 – €80 and takes 30 min.