How Long Will 3g Last In Australia? Telstra will switch off Australia’s 3G mobile network in 2024. Here’s what that means. The end of the 3G mobile network is in sight, with Telstra revealing its plan to switch the network off in less than five years. Australia’s 3G network will be switched off in June 2024, Telstra announced in a blog post on Wednesday.

Is the 3G network shutting down in Australia? Telstra announced in October 2019 it would be shuttering its 3G network in June 2024. The telco says it’s continuing planning and upgrades of its mobile network and new 4G coverage will be similar in size and reach as pre-existing 3G coverage.

Will 3G phones still work in 2021? Major mobile carriers will be shutting down 3G networks in 2022 starting with AT&T, which will make the change Tuesday. The switch will make some older phones and devices useless but will make way for more advanced services, including 5G.

How much longer will 3G be available? All three major US carriers are shutting down their 3G networks. Here’s when it’s happening and how you might be affected. All of the major US 3G networks are scheduled to shut down in 2022. Whether you’re with AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon, this may affect your phone, your home alarm system, or even your car.