Are Any Of The Love Island Australia Couples Still Together? Taku and Michela had an on-again, off-again relationship during their time in the Villa. When they left the Villa they were still working things out. However since leaving the Villa Taku has confirmed that he and Michela are now exclusive.

Are any of the couples from Love Island Australia 2020 still together? Unfortunately we are no longer together,” she wrote. “We both agreed it’s for the best for the both of us. Appreciate all of your love and support.”

How many Love Island Australia couples are still together? Only one Love Island Australia couple is still together. As season three of Love Island Australia takes off, we’re beginning to wonder if any of these fledgling couples will go the distance, because let’s face it – the odds aren’t great.

Are Cassidy and Erin still friends? Nonetheless, Erin remains Cassidy’s closest confidant.

Are Mark and Millie still together?

Despite finding a strong connection and even starting a fashion brand together, Millie and Mark ended their relationship. Millie posted a quote to Instagram on the first of April, saying, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Which couples are still together from Love Island 2021?

It brings our hearts so much joy to write that Chloe and Toby are still together, after a rocky start to their relationship in the villa. They reunited after Toby had his head turned by two more girls – *cough * Abi and Mary – and they’ve remained an iconic Love Island couple ever since.

Are Amelia and Josh still together 2021?

Amelia Marni and Josh Moss found love on the 2018 season of Love Island Australia, and have been together ever since. The only couple still together from season one of the Nine program spent Christmas in Sydney, before travelling to the U.S. for their first overseas holiday together.

Is Mitch and Tina still together 2021?

Love Island Winners Tina & Mitch Have Announced Their Split In Tear-Jerking Instagram Stories. Australia’s fave Love Island couple Tina Provis and Mitch Hibberd have broken up, and their Instagram Stories announcing their split are just heart-breaking.

Are Hugh and Eliza still together?

Eliza is currently coupled up with Hugh Yates on Love Island Australia 2021.

Are Josh and Anna from Love Island still together?

Anna and Josh, the winners of Love Island Australia Season 2, appeared solid in their relationship following the show, and even moved in together in Melbourne. Sadly, they announced their breakup on November 1, 2020.

Are Millie and Tayla still friends?

Millie Fuller and Tayla Damir Millie and Tayla bonded in the Love Island Australia house after both coming to blows with Erin. And it looks like they are still good friends now, often posing for photos together at events.

Is tayla and Grant Still Together 2021?

Grant and the secret girlfriend, real name Lucy Cartwright, are still together and the couple welcomed a daughter named Charli in April 2021. Tayla is now engaged to her AFL player lover boy, Nathan Broad. We’re happy they have both moved on and found their people!

Is Grant Still with Lucy?

Soon after his win, it was revealed that Grant had a girlfriend, Lucy, during his time on the reality show. The reality couple swiftly broke up because Tayla had trust issues that couldn’t be resolved, so Grant got back together with Lucy, who have remained in a relationship since 2019.

Are Shelby and Dom still together?

Dom and Shelby went their separate ways after the show, and to the shock of many, so did Tayla and Grant. But then Dom and Tayla dated. Unfortunately, the pair mutually decided to split. Dom has been linked to other girls in the past but doesn’t appear to be dating anyone at the moment.

Are Josh Amelia married?

The short answer – yes. Josh and Amelia are the only couple who are still together right now. Having placed third on the show, these two appear to be more loved-up than ever two years after leaving the villa together.

Are Jaxon and Shelby still together?

But this lasted less than a month on the outside world. Two years later, Shelby is now loved up with Freestyle Motocross Rider Harry Bink. Jaxon doesn’t share much of his private life on Instagram, but he is seemingly single.

Are Trina and Andre still together?

Trina Njoroge and Andre Brunelli Unfortunately, the pair have called it quits on their newfound relationship. After her elimination, the pediatric nurse told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m really excited to debrief and take a vacation and be single.

Has anyone from Love Island gotten married?

In 2018, series two stars Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland, and series three couple Dom Lever and Jess Shears both got married, with series two winners Cara de la Hoyde and Nathan Massey following in their footsteps.

Are Aaron and Jess still together?

Jess then confirmed the news on her Instagram Stories, after the cast were seen partying together the first weekend after the finale aired. “Hey guys, a lot of people have been asking about Aaron and I. Unfortunately we are no longer together,” she wrote. “We both agreed it’s for the best for the both of us.

Is Mitch and Tina still together?

Tina and Mitch announced their breakup to Instagram on Tuesday. Tina and Mitch shared the breakup news on their Instagram accounts, with both saying they were grateful for their time together.

Where is Cassidy from Love Island Australia now?

Where is Cassidy McGill now? Like many Love Island stars, Cassidy has gone on to a career as an influencer after rising to fame on the dating show and regularly shares ads for teeth whitening, fake tan, hair and beauty brands to her 400k Instagram followers.

Are Lexi and Ryan still together?

While Lexy revealed that she’s amicable with Ryan now, in the days following the Casa Amor Recoupling the pair clashed multiple times. “We were getting along well but just some crazy stuff would always happen every day and we would always fight, like the challenge where he called me unattractive,” Lexy recalled.

Are Aaron and Cynthia still together?

Life is weird and sometimes it’s hard to make sense of things,” she began. “However, I’m extremely grateful for the love and support I’ve received from everyone. I’ve seen all your beautiful messages and comments and it truly warms my heart. “As you’ve all probably noticed, Aaron and I are no longer together.

Is Noah and Courtney still together?

Both Courtney and Noah confirmed their split on Instagram on Tuesday. Noah confirmed that the split was a mutual decision before singing his Love Island partner’s praises. “She was an amazing person and she will always be a huge part of my life and my Love Island journey,” he said.

Why did Aaron and Jess break up?

She also doesn’t see them getting back together. Rumours about the couple started after the finale, alleging Jess and Aaron broke up after she chose to steal the $50,000 prize money in a pre-recorded Love or Money twist.